Apple makes it easier for devs to reply to App Store reviews

Apple has made it easier for iOS and macOS developers to reply to App Store reviews with a new Customer Support role in iTunes Connect. It means you no longer need administrator privileges to interact with customers, though it is possible to combine the new role with others.

Apple first added the ability to reply to App Store reviews back in March, finally bringing its marketplace in line with Google Play — much to the delight of developers. It means app makers and support staff can respond to customer complaints to address issues, or thank users for leaving positive reviews. But there was one problem.

Until now, you needed Admin, Legal, or Marketing account status to reply to customer reviews. That means development studios had to trust customer service workers with access to sensitive areas of the iTunes Connect portal that they didn’t really need access to. Fortunately, Apple has addressed this with the new Customer Support role.

Customer Support accounts can reply to App Store reviews without having access to other tools and privileges they do not require. This gives development teams the freedom to assign more users to customer service, and makes it easier for them to address App Store complaints. What’s more, the Customer Support role can be combined with others.

“Your team’s admins may choose to assign only this role to users, or assign this role in combination with other roles,” Apple explains. “Users who have been assigned only the Customer Support role can access Resources and Help, Users and Roles, and My apps in iTunes Connect.”

“To ensure a smooth introduction to this new role, all users with the App Manager and Marketer roles have been automatically assigned the Customer Support role. Users added to your team after July 13, 2017 will need to be manually assigned the Customer Support role in order to respond to customer reviews.”

You can find out more about this new role on the iTunes Connect Developer Help page via the source link below.

from Apps – TechnoBuffalo