Build 14 awesome Android apps for just $17

Android runs over 80 percent of the mobile devices operating around the globe, and its users account for nearly 40 percent of all web traffic. With those kind of figures, it stands to reason that the savvy web developer should look to create in the Android environment…and you’ll be able to tout yourself as a fully-trained Android expert with this Android Developer course, which is on sale now for just $17 — 91% off — in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store.

With the help of your instructor — top-rated web developer Rob Percival — you’ll achieve a complete mastery of the Android development environment as you create 14 different working apps to spotlight your growing skills.

From a currency converter app to a brain training app, from a favorite places app to Uber and Instagram clones, you’ll be building real-world apps that help you learn what works best as you start developing your own brilliant app ideas.

As your training covers areas like Google Play, Google Ads and even wearable tech, you’ll develop all the skills you need to launch a new career as an Android app creator.

Right now, lock down this introduction to a new career for only $17 (down from its nearly $200 regular price) while this deal lasts.

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