Decorate your treetop to match your home decor with these best tree toppers

Tree toppers now come in many different forms, the most popular ones being angels and stars. The history of this decor originally was to ward off evil spirits and protect your homes. While some still may follow that tradition, tree toppers offer a fun, colorful, bright, elegant way to add a bit of pizazz to the top of your tree.


Kurt Adler Rattan Natural Star Treetop

Staff Favorite

For a natural, rustic feel, this star treetop is the perfect addition to your woodsy decor. Made of rattan and clear incandescent lights, this five-point star attaches to the tree by a plastic base. This star is for indoor use only and gives off a beautiful, warm glow.

$14 at Amazon


Willow Tree Starlight Tree Topper

Elegant, hand-sculpted figure that doubles as a tree topper or a shelf display. The resin figure holds a delicate metal star that’s enhanced with sparkle. This sculpture is meant to express emotions, particularly “Radiating warmth, light and love,” as is written on the enclosure card. At 12 inches tall, this figure has a hollow inside, making it easy to top your tree.

$54 at Amazon


Kurt Adler Illuminated Angel Treetop

This beautiful angel is dressed in ivory and gold and finished with white wings. She is adorned with pearls and holds two candles that light up. With incandescent, white lights and a plastic cone to attach to the tree, this gorgeous angel is for indoor use only.

$34 at Amazon


KNL Store Snowman Tree Topper

Made from foam and polyester, this adorable snowman with a cute top hat is a super cute addition to your decor. This snowman measures 11.5 inches high and 8 inches in diameter. It has a 3-inch opening allowing you to place it right on top of your tree perfectly. This happy face will surely make you smile.

$13 at Amazon


Hallmark Keepsake Star Wars Death Star Tree Topper

May the force be with you with this fun, Star Wars themed tree topper. Not only does the Death Star topper have light effects, but it plays the famous “The Imperial March.” This tree topper comes with a remote and is 6.3 inches. This topper will certainly make a Jedi statement.

$94 at Amazon


Kurt Adler Bethlehem Star Treetop

This beautiful Bethlehem star is an elegant finish to your decor. Made of capiz, metal, and plastic, this illuminating beauty has a glass gem centerpiece and a brass-colored finish. It has white incandescent lights and a metal coil base that easily sits atop your tree.

$24 at Amazon

Fun or traditional- Which will you choose?

There are tree toppers that can fit right in with whatever theme or feel you have for your decor. Whether it be country, classic, elegant, or even Disney, there is something for everyone. Our favorite is the Kurt Adler Rattan Natural Star Treetop. It offers a rugged, rustic feel but also exudes elegance when it’s beautiful lights shine through.

If you want something more traditional, the Kurt Adler Illuminated Angel Treetop is simply beautiful. This classic angel is dressed in ivory and adorned with elegant gold touches and pearls. She holds two candles that light up. Whatever tree topper you choose, it’ll be sure to add the perfect finishing touch to your tree.

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