Google Maps will let you know how bad parking is at your destination

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When it comes to traveling, Google Maps does nearly everything for you, providing traffic, ETA, and more. It can even fetch you an Uber. And if that wasn’t enough, it will soon let you know how good or bad parking is at your destination.

Technology has all but eliminated the hassles of driving, but the one thing it hasn’t fixed is parking. The worst thing is driving to a concert or new restaurant only to find that parking is non-existent or severely limited. According to Android Police, users of Google Maps beta v9.44 are reporting that a new parking status is popping up on their routes.

Google Maps will tell you if parking is “easy,” “medium” or “limited” at a destination. The example they use is, “parking is not usually easy near this destination,” in a screen cap of the new feature.

If this does make it out to the public, and not just live in beta, I’ll welcome it with open arms. The only thing worse than traffic is Los Angeles is parking, and this might help ease the pains of the latter, or at least help people better prepare.

Google Maps does it all

At this point, there’s really not much Google can add to its maps service that would surprise me. It does it all. The only thing left is for Maps to give you a detailed description of the parking spots available because that’s where it’s heading with all these new features being added. I welcome any updates that help ease the LA commuter’s plight with open arms.

Source: Android Police
Via: Ars Technica

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