Google Photos is getting a lot smarter in new update

Google announced new sharing features for Google Photos last month at I/O, and those features are finally beginning to roll out.

The goal of the update is to make sharing photos with family and friends much more seamless. The update will add a new sharing button at the bottom that will contain all the sharing functions. Google is putting a big focus on AI recognition for the sharing suggestions with people you have constant contact with.

The major feature is the ability to automatically share photos with specific people. It’s an optional function that can be kept off if you don’t feel comfortable with it. It seems like a great way to share photos with parents of your kids. Going through hundreds of photos to share can be tedious, and Google is aiming to make the process painless in the new update.

Some of the other sharing features include suggesting photos to share and people to share them with. Google will use facial recognition to match emails and previous sharing exchanges to suggest more sharing.

The update will roll out to all Android and iOS users some time later this week.

from Apps – TechnoBuffalo