Illustrate your brilliant ideas with the best dry-erase marker sets

Today, whiteboards are a staple in any setup that needs written illustration or frequent brainstorming. And you are going to need some good dry erase markers to help you map out your plan or drive that point home. Dry erase markers come in small or large sets and different tip sizes. We’ve done the legwork and put together the best dry-erase marker sets, go ahead and grab your favourite.

Long Lasting

STAEDTLER 351WP6 Lumocolour Whiteboard Marker

Staff Pick

Make your own mark with the STAEDTLER Whiteboard markers best suited for whiteboards and other smooth surfaces like glass and porcelain. Once the ink meets the board, it drys instantly without smudging, making them perfect for left-handed people. Besides, the markers are Dry Safe, and they won’t dry out if left uncapped for days.

£5 at Store Amazon

Perfect for kids

BIC Velleda 1721 Whiteboard Pens

Bic Velleda Whiteboard pens are precisely engineered with kids in mind. The acrylic bullet tip is well blocked, preventing it from bending or retracting into the barrel even under pressure. Besides it gives you and your little ones better control when writing. Available in a pack of eight, you will enjoy premium sketching and writing performance.

£3 at Amazon

Vivid and vibrant colours

SmartPanda Whiteboard Pens

Brighten up your dry erase board using this 12 set of vibrant coloured markers. While other markers dry out, fade, and go fluffy overtime, the SmartPanda Whiteboard Markers pack uninterrupted ink flow for consistent and reliable writing. Each pen has a dual tip, medium tip for writing in large rooms and boards, while the fine tip is for precision and detail.

£10 at Amazon

Bold and Beautiful

WhiteBox Drywipe Marker Pens

These WhiteBox dry-erase markers come in as an assortment of four brilliant colours. They are packed with a special non-toxic dry-erase ink which writes clearly on whiteboards and is super easy to wipe off. For added comfort and control, the markers spot a chunky barrel and a bullet tip for consistent writing.

£2 at Amazon

Starter pack

Rexel Whiteboard Starter Kit

If you are new to the magic that is whiteboards and dry erase markers, the Rexel Whiteboard starter kit is a perfect companion. It comes with four assorted dry-erase markers, a form eraser, and a cleaning spray to help you keep your board or dry-erase surface clean. The cleaning spray works great on most whiteboards.

£8 at Amazon

Bold and beautiful

Quartet Dry Erase Markers

Take the guesswork out of your training, school or brainstorming sessions using the bold and beautiful Quartet Dry Erase Markers. The markers feature a Patented 3-chamber liquid ink EnduraGlide that sends ink to the nib from three chambers, giving you reliable ink flow for dependable writing. The roll resistant cap will prevent the markers from rolling away unnecessarily.

£18 at Amazon


EXPO Magnetic Dry Erase Markers

If you are tired of markers rolling away to a destination unknown, grab the magnetic integrated Expo markers and. They will stick to a magnetic board or a metallic surface for convenient storage. Each marker has a versatile chisel tip for drawing thick, medium, and fine lines as the need arise. Also, the cap is fitted with an eraser to help you erase as you go.

£12 at Amazon

Our top picks

While all dry-erase marker sets look similar on the surface, they do have spot noteworthy differences. Before you settle, factor in the tip size, style, and build material to achieve the writing quality you want. A marker with a thicker tip is ideal for large boards, while a bullet tip is ideal for writing with precision or adding small details.

You will enjoy steady and accurate writing with the STAEDTLER 351WP6 Lumocolour Whiteboard Marker. Besides drying fast, they use low odour ink that is super easy to wipe without ghosting your whiteboard. The markers are dry safe to prevent drying out in case you accidentally leave them open.

Kids will love the ergonomic construction, and vibrant colours of the BIC Velleda 1721 Whiteboard Pens. The pens have a sturdy nib that won’t retract or break, even under pressure. Since they use odourless ink, these markers are perfect for home use, especially around kids.

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