Never forget a password again with a lifetime of Sticky Password Premium, now $29.99 (regular $149.99 value)

Sticky Password lifetime subscriptions

How many passwords are you juggling at a given time? Between your different email logins, bank accounts, site memberships, and more, the number is likely sky-high. Pick up a lifetime subscription to Sticky Password Premium for just $29.99 (80% off) and easily manage all those logins with one master password.

Simply log in to Sticky Password, create a profile, and set your password. Sticky Password takes it from there, creating strong encrypted passwords for use with all your online accounts and saving them to your library. The app will also be there to automatically enter your information and get you into your accounts and sites, saving you invaluable time and effort.

Sticky Passwords works across virtually all operating systems and devices. And you can even choose whether your saved passwords and other vital information are saved in the cloud or only within your own closed local storage network.

Quit messing with passwords forever with your lifetime subscription to Sticky Password, now available for only $29.99 with this limited-time offer from Technobuffalo Deals.

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