New Universal Windows 10 apps include Facebook, Messenger and Instagram

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook

Facebook, Messenger and Instagram are all coming to Windows 10. Microsoft announced the news at its BUILD developers conference on Wednesday as part of an effort to close the infamous app gap between its own operating system and iOS and Android.

The new universal apps will work on any Windows 10 device, which includes PCs, tablets, Surface products and smartphones. That’s a big deal for committed Windows users. It could also help convince anyone who’s not already considering Windows 10 mobile to make the switch.

Facebook previously offered an Instagram app for Windows Phone, but it never left beta and s missing many of the features that Android and iOS users take for granted. Facebook also released a version of Messenger for Windows back in 2012, but shut it was down after a few years.

There’s no word on when these new apps will arrive. Facebook was spotted testing a version of Messenger for Windows 10 earlier this month, so the official app could launch pretty soon.

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