Shoot for the gold wherever you are with these archery targets

I love archery, whether it’s standing in my massive back yard shooting, down the club for long-distance, or significant competitions. Having a good target to use is essential as they need to be able to protect people around you, hold your arrow securely so that you can see your score, and last a long time while being pulverized by arrows.

We’ve put together some of the best archery targets for you to choose from. There are even some targets that will work fine with a crossbow. Check it out and pick up your favorite.

Best Overall

Morrell Double Duty 450FPS Field Point Bag

Staff Pick

Whether you are into crossbows, compound, recurve, or just about any other bow, the Morrell double duty is an excellent target. As long as you are using field point tips, the Morrell will last a long time, even if you use it every day as I do. Each side — except the top and bottom — has a different style of target on, and the top has heavy-duty carry handles to make setting it up a breeze. I have a wooden stand set up to bring up off the floor, but you can easily use it on the ground if you don’t have room.

$70 at Amazon

Traditional straw

Ogrmar Straw Boss

These kind of tightly wound straw targets are a very traditional style in archery and can be big or small. These targets are just under 20-inches in diameter and are perfect for putting sets of them at varying distances away. Our local club uses these in the trees for their hunting range, as well as animal targets as they are relatively light and easy to string up.

$43 at amazon

Double the people, double the fun

Bulldog Double Dog Archery Target

While it is perfectly acceptable in archery to take turns at the boss, it isn’t always as much fun. When you are shooting with friends having a large enough backstop to make it safer to shoot together is a must. This target by Bulldog is 3 feet across, perfect for attaching target sheets too, and is covered by a lifetime warranty. It’s pretty great.

$170 at Amazon

The thrill of the hunt

Shooter Buck 3D Deer Archery Target

If you are practicing your hunting skills the traditional target may not be the best thing for you. Having a target shaped like a thing you want to be shooting at helps enormously. This 3D deer target is made of weather-resistant plastics and has a replaceable center-mass part. This is extremely helpful as replacing the entire target could get costly very quickly. This target also comes with ground spikes to secure it into the ground.

$80 at Amazon

For the broadheads

Black Hole – 4 Sided Archery Target

Using broadhead arrows is another way of shooting that can require specialist equipment. Broadhead arrows are designed for hunting and can seriously damage targets that are not intended for those arrows. Thankfully, the black hole exists and is perfect for getting some broadhead target practice completed. It has four different sides to shoot at and is thick enough to stop anything short of a crossbow.

$70 at Amazon


Like lightsabers, bows are an elegant weapon from a more civilized age. Well kind of, it wasn’t precisely civilized. Shooting a bow though, requires skill, strength, and a wonderful sense of calm that is difficult to replicate in any other sport. I love to shoot my bow, with my kid, safely and responsibly. One of the ways I’m responsible is ensuring I have the right target for the right bow.

Using the Morrell Double Duty 450FPS Field Point Bag at home feels like the safest way to shoot. It has massive stopping power and can be used by a huge variety of bows. It’s this variety that makes it our overall best pick, as you can use it almost anywhere with any bow you want.

If you are looking to shoot with a friend, then the Bullog 36-inch target is an excellent choice. It’s wide enough for you to stand near each other and shot comfortably.

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