Store or travel with your bike when you use a rack!

Bicycles offer a fun way to get out of the house, see your neighborhood, and get a little bit of exercise along the way. Bike racks can be used at home to store your bike when it isn’t in use, or attached to your vehicle so you can bring your bike wherever you decide to roam. Whether you need options for one bike, or several, there are plenty of great options to choose from!

Double the bikes double the fun

Allen sports deluxe 2-bike trunk rack

Staff Pick

If you and a friend want to hit the local bike trails, you might be trying to figure out how to get there with your bikes. The Allen Sports Deluxe 2-bike trunk rack fits many different models of cars, including hatchbacks, minivans, sedans, and SUVs. It can hold two bikes at once and has several different straps to keep it stable while you’re driving. It also features easy installation since it’s delivered fully assembled.

$40 at Amazon

Storage solutions

Dirza garage bike rack

When you aren’t riding your bike, you need a place to store it at home. The Dirza garage bike rack gives you an excellent option for keeping your bike safe and out of the way. It lets you mount your bike up on the wall, making it a unique opportunity for saving space in your garage or apartment. You get two racks for one great price, and it’s super affordable, even for folks on a budget.

$24 at Amazon

Family bike rack

Allen sports 4-bike hitch rack

There are times when you need to cart around several bikes at a time. In those cases, the Allen Sports 4-bike hitch rack is an excellent option built to hold four bikes while driving. It requires a 2-inch trailer hitch in Class III or IV to be used. There are six different options for this rack, which have different locking options, but they all deliver a secure way to transport bikes for a carload of people.

Starting at $119 at Amazon

Floor storage

Feedback sports bicycle storage stand

If space isn’t of the essence, all you need is a good spot to keep your bike safe when it isn’t in use. The Feedback sports bicycle storage stand is a great floor rack that you can park your bike at by either the front or back tire. It is compatible with a variety of bikes and is built so that it won’t scratch up your rims. When it isn’t being used, it easily folds up to save you space and is spring-loaded. This means all you need to do is roll your bike onto it and it will hold it in place.

$43 at Amazon

Go for a ride

Bicycles offer up a fun, healthy and enviromentally friendly way to get out of the house and around town. When you aren’t actively biking, or you’re on your way to new trails, you’ll need a bike rack for storage. Whether you need a vehicle option, or a safe at-home storage spot, there are great bike racks out there for everyone. If we could only recommend one it would be the Allen Sports Deluxe 2-bike trunk rack. It can hold up to two bikes at once, has multiple straps for stability and fits with many different models of cars.

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