YouTube Go for Android lets you save videos for offline viewing

YouTube is finally giving users the ability to save videos to their mobile devices for offline viewing. You’ll need to download the new YouTube Go app for Android to take advantage of the feature, which was first announced back in September.

Most of us have ample data allowances these days, and Wi-Fi hotspots are more widespread than ever. But there are still times when it’s difficult to get a decent internet connection — like on planes and trains. It’s also difficult for those in developing countries to get online.

But with YouTube Go, you can download the latest videos from your favorite channels and watch them at anytime. The app presents you with a short preview to help you decide whether you want to save the full video, and you can choose the resolution you’d prefer.

There is a catch, however. The only options currently available are “basic” and “standard” quality, neither of which are 1080p or even 720p. That means you’ll have to settle for lower quality videos when streaming isn’t available.

Once you’ve downloaded a video, YouTube Go will let you share it with friends over Bluetooth.

You’ll need to verify the YouTube Go app by text message when you first set it up — like you would with an app like WhatsApp or Google Allo. According to Android Police, this is to allow Google to add some “friend-finding” features later on.

You can download the app from the Play Store now by following the source link below. An iOS version is expected soon.

from Apps – TechnoBuffalo