MacOS code hints at MacBook Pro with OLED “Magic Toolbar”

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New evidence has surfaced to suggest Apple’s rumored MacBook Pro refresh is imminent. And, this time, it comes straight from the horse’s mouth.

Following the release of iOS 10.1 on Monday, Apple rolled out a minor update for macOS, which was mainly focused on squashing early launch bugs. But, as one user found, fresh code has been added that hints at Macbook Pro with an OLED touch screen.

The code in macOS 10.12.1 reveals a new virtual keyboard layout with the top row of function keys missing. Gee, that sure seems convenient considering Apple has an event scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 27.

According to a Bloomberg report from August, Apple’s “Hello Again” event will introduce a number of important Mac refreshes.


The updated MacBook Pro will supposedly feature a “Magic Toolbar” above the keyboard that dynamically changes depending on which program is being used. Bloomberg said:

For example, if a user is on their desktop, the screen will show a virtual representation of the standard function row, which includes brightness and media controls. When in an application, the virtual row will show options specific to the task at hand, but volume controls and a switch to show the default functions will always be present.

What else can the rumored Magic Toolbar do?

In addition, the MacBook Pro is expected to sport a larger trackpad, an improved design, and upgraded internals. The new MacBook Air, meanwhile, will allegedly come equipped with a USB-C port and an improved display.

We’ll learn more at Apple’s event this Thursday.

Source: MacRumors

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