A good pair of trauma shears are critical in an emergency situation

For those in the medical field, the quality of a good pair of trauma shears is critical, especially when seconds matter. If clothing or bandages need to be cut away, a professional-grade pair of cutting shears are not just an after-thought but a necessity. Therefore, from a wide range of shears currently available, we have picked the following list as our recommendations for you to buy.

Use the carabiner to keep it handy

EMT Trauma Shears with Carabiner

Staff Pick

Cut anything safely and efficiently with these medical-grade Carabiner stainless steel shears. A combination of Japanese surgical grade stainless steel and injection molded handles make these shares very sturdy. The patented design of the carabiner makes it highly accessible so it can be conveniently clipped to the waist. This feature alone makes it a very popular item among the medical staff. The 7.5-inch length is standard in most hospitals and ER rooms. In addition to the convenience and the sharpness, these carabiner scissors are also excellent value for the price.

$10 at Amazon

A premium product

LEATHERMAN – Raptor Emergency Response Shears

As part of its continuous innovation efforts, Leatherman has created the Raptor emergency response shears. It’s a combination of the following six tools, foldable response shears, strap cutter, ring cutter, ruler, oxygen tank wrench, and carbide glass breaker. A specially-designed sheath allows for conveniently carrying the Raptor on a lanyard or belt clip. The glass handles, filled with nylon, keep it lightweight as possible. Campers and sportspeople find the Leatherman Raptor just as useful as those in the medical field; it’s a premium quality product.

$68 at Amazon

On a budget

Ever Ready Titanium Bonded Bandage Shears

The Ever-Ready Titanium Bonded shears is a 7-inch blunt-tipped cutting shears ideal for use on gauze, tape, clothing, and bandages. It’s bonded titanium blades are stronger than steel, while the black color gives it an aesthetic appeal. Suitable for emergency room personnel, paramedics, as well as at home, these scissors are excellent value for the cost.

$7 at Amazon

Best for home

Surviveware Trauma & Bandage Shears

A blunt tip protects the skin, while the serrated Japanese stainless steel blades will quickly cut away bandages and clothing. The Surviveware trauma shears are highly trusted by nurses and other professionals, as they are designed for repetitive sterilization in an autoclave. The comfortable and ergonomic handles also add to the popularity of these shears.

$9 at Amazon

A favorite with those involved in recue missions

North American Rescue Trauma Shear

Premium-grade stainless-steel adds to the serrated cutting edge of the North American Rescue Shear. The clothing lift and rounded tip provide ultimate safety to the patient. A soft grip and non-slip handle are contoured for maximum control even when wet, making this 7.25-inch shears a suitable addition for home and the hospital.

$12 at Amazon

The best trauma shears perform seamlessly when emergencies arise

When situations can mean life or death, the right tools are imperative. Trauma shears are not only useful for the medical staff; they also come in handy in survival or home situations. From our research, we recommend the EMT Trauma Shears with Carabiner as the best choice to buy. The carabiner makes it convenient to carry on the belt or a lanyard saving any time spent searching for it. Its sturdy blades will cleanly cut through most materials and is relatively cheap for the value it provides.

If you want shears for the home, then pick the Surviveware Trauma & Bandage Shears. The serrated blades are sturdy enough to cut through anything, and they are already popular with medical staff so makes it an excellent choice for the home.

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