Cuphead is coming to Netflix in new animated TV series

It’s a good day for a swell battle.

What you need to know

  • Studio MDHR and Netflix have teamed up for The Cuphead Show.
  • The upcoming animated series will be hand-drawn by Netflix’s in-house animation studio.
  • The show will tell original stories separate from the game.

Netflix and Studio MDHR are teaming up for a new series starring Cuphead and his brother Mugman. Titled The Cuphead Show, the upcoming series will follow the two characters on a series of misadventures.

According to Studio MDHR, via IGN, The Cuphead Show will stick with the 1930’s-style animation Cuphead is known for and be completely hand drawn. Netflix’s in-house animation studio will be tasked with bringing the show to life, with Studio MDHR acting as executive producers.

The character-driven comedy follows the unique misadventures of the impulsive Cuphead and his cautious but easily swayed brother Mugman. Through their many misadventures across their surreal home of Inkwell Isles, they’ve always got one another’s backs.

According to Cuphead co-creator Chad Moldenhauer, the show will be safe for kids but also appeal to adults. “It’s not a toddler show or a little kids cartoon,” Moldenhauer said.

Upon its release in 2017, Cuphead was praised for its throwback animation and incredible attention to detail. It was also memorable thanks to its crushing difficulty.

In addition to the upcoming Netflix show, Studio MDHR is working on Cuphead DLC called The Delicious Last Course, which is scheduled for release in 2020.

Give Cuphead a try


Cuphead is an instant classic. Using hand-drawn animation in the style of 1930’s cartoons, the side-scrolling adventure features crushing difficulty and memorable characters. If you want a challenge or just appreciate good art, Cuphead is a must-play.

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