Don’t get frustrated, get an apple peeler to fine-tune apple prep

You’ll get to the good stuff faster with the help of an apple peeler. With contouring blades, apple peelers sheer away skin easily for efficient snack and meal preparation. From handheld to crank styles, several options will reveal delicious fruit without any hardships or frustration. Whether you’re looking to top a salad or bake a pie, apple slicers make tedious work simple and efficient. To assist, we’ve collected the best options.

So apPEELing

OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler

Staff Pick

It’s easy to make apples a daily snack with this peeler because the swiveling blades flex and shape to each apple’s unique contours, efficiently achieving the perfect peel every time. The tool features a cushioned easy-grip handle that offers comfort and security with each stroke. This essential peeler isn’t only great for apples; it accommodates plenty of fruits and veggies with hard skin like carrots, potatoes, and more. As if this little tool couldn’t get any better, it’s also dishwasher safe.

$10 at Amazon

Colorful cuts

Kuhn Rikon original swiss peeler

Liberate apple peels and more with this colorful and compact c-shaped peeler. Its efficient blade is cast in carbon steel for strength and sharpness. The blade isn’t fixed, which means it pivots to accommodate the unique fruit or veggie being peeled. Every peel is removed with accuracy and without waste. This lightweight design has an ergonomic handle and a convenient eyer. Choose from several vibrant color and package options to make this peeler part of your kitchen.

$8 at Amazon

It’s electric

Starfrit Electric Rotato Express

Take apple prep out of your hands entirely with this electric peeler by Starfrit. This machine positions and peels fruit and veggies, making meals and snacks super easy. It’s as simple as securing the fruit (or veggie) onto the pronged holder and modifying the peeler arm to the correct height. Then it’s just power up and go. Once the power button is pushed, the peeler unravels the skin in a ribbon. It even has an automatic shut-off when the peel removal is complete.

$18 at Amazon

Turn it up

VKP Brands Johnny Apple peeler

If you’re looking for a peeler that’s all-in-one, this hand-crank style can peel, core, and slice apples. This apple-preppin’ machine is constructed of durable cast iron and securely attaches to any flat surface with its suction cup base. It has an adjustable peeling blade that can be modified to tailor the thickness to your preference. The peeler also has slicing and coring blades that can cut an entire apple into a delicious coil and remove the center. This peeler is the perfect multi-function device for your kitchen.

$27 at Amazon

Crank and slice

Starfrit pro-apple peeler with bonus slicer

This peeler is geared up for all the apples you can throw at it. Just suction it to a flat surface, attach an apple to the pronged base, and position the blade. With just a few turns of the handle, the skin is removed in a curling ribbon. The peeling arm is spring-loaded, so the blades accommodate the contours of each apple. As a bonus, this peeler includes a slicer that dices apples into snackable wedges and removes the core. What can be better than that?

$18 at Amazon

Slice and core

Progressive Prepworks 16-slice apple slicer and corer

If you’re looking for that final piece of the apple prep puzzle, a corer and slicer combo is a great tool to pair with your peeler. This nifty slicer dices apples into 16 wedges, even removing the core. This device has two handles for leverage, and the attached cover helps send the apple through the blades. Once the slicing is complete, the cover secures the blades for safe storage.

$18 at Amazon

Peel out

Apples are refreshing, healthy treats that are great on their own but even better on a salad or in a pie. To prepare these tasty fruits for meals and more, the peels need to go. A fruit-friendly peeler is an ideal tool to get the job done. Peelers are made with accommodating blades that efficiently slice peels away, contouring to each unique shape. Our first choice is the OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler because its effective blades sweep across an apple with ease to release the peel. It also has a comfort grip, that’s soft and secure in-hand. It’s a breeze to use, no matter how many apples are in your queue.

To eliminate manual labor all-together, just go electric. The Starfrit Electric Rotato Express positions and peels and apple with ease. The pronged holders secure the apple in place, and with an adjustment of the peeler arm, this machine is ready to go. With a press of the power button, this peeler precisely removes apple skin in a ribbon. It even automatically shuts off when it’s finished. How can you go wrong?

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