Get a great dollop with these sweet scoops

As far as ice cream is concerned, there are cone people and cup people, but we’re not here to dispute the right way to eat ice cream. Whatever category you fall into, there is one simple truth: an ice cream scoop is the best way to transport it from the carton to your preferred ice cream holder. Retire the teaspoon or (let’s be real) tablespoon you’ve been using and trade it for a real honest-to-goodness ice cream scoop. Ice cream scoops are designed to slice through even the most stubborn frozen dairy treats to make dessert less of a struggle, and more like, well, dessert. For great dips, we’ve collected the best ice cream scoops.

Endless easy scoops

Spring Chef ice cream scoop

Staff Pick

Ideal for crafting the loveliest sundaes or making apple pie à la mode, this ice cream scoop is up for the task. Its curved square head easily sails through hard ice cream, sweeping it into sweet, round curls. The scoop is constructed of resilient metal and finished with a cushiony grip to ensure the pressure is off hands. It also has a notched end to help pry open firmly attached lids so you can get to the scooping faster. This efficient kitchen must-have cleans up easily, too; it can go right into the dishwasher.

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Ice cream dream in multiple colors

SUMO ice cream scoop

A beautiful ice cream treat is only a dip (or several) away, with this easy scoop by SUMO. Sure to reduce carton-to-bowl frustration, it’s sturdy stainless steel construction and pointed scoop make crafting dips a delightful endeavor. The ergonomic handle has a comfortable rubber grip, so there’s no strain on hands and wrists. This scoop is also dishwasher safe and available in many fun color options.

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Dip it

OXO Good Grips solid stainless steel ice cream scoop

Serve up scoops simply with this sleek stainless-steel number. It has a curved scoop with an ice cream-chiseling pointed tip that easily cuts through hard ice cream, even found cartons at the back of the freezer. The scooper also has flat edges to fit into every corner in your half-gallon. The handle is layered with a comfortable grip for a soft and secure hold as you scoop.

$15 at Amazon

Stop the stick

Norpro nonstick anti-freeze ice cream scoop

The perfect scoop is the perfect ice cream sphere, and it’s achievable with this non-stick scoop. It’s crafted from sturdy non-stick aluminum and built with defrosting fluid in the handle. Both the non-tick surface and the fluid keeps ice cream from adhering to the scoop so that it easily transitions from the carton to cone without leftovers. There’s no need to lick the scoop, with this ice cream essential.

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Stainless steel

Jsdoin 3-piece cookie and ice cream scoop set

Scoop and release are simple actions with the right ice cream tool, in this case, tools. This stainless-steel scoop set captures delicious dips and delivers them with a handle squeeze. Each scoop is a different size and built to ball the creamy good stuff with its rounded head. They’re all built with an ejector mechanism that deploys dips with a trigger-style handle. What’s best is that this scoop set is not limited to just one sweet treat, they’re good for dropping cookies and balling melon, too.

$13 at Amazon

Ergonomic dream

Midnight Scoop stainless steel ice cream scoop

This premium ice cream scoop is for the serious enthusiast who dips on the regular. Comfort is built into this streamlined stainless steel design, perfect for the serious frozen treat fan. The scoop has a pointed tip that smoothly slices through hard ice cream, shaping it into stackable spheres. But, the handle is what defines this scoop; it’s curved to provide enough leverage to shape scoops while keeping the hand and wrist aligned for ultimate comfort. As if those fun features aren’t enough to do the trick, the scooper is also dishwasher safe.

$35 at Amazon

The scoop

Serving up ice cream is one of life’s simple pleasures, and a great ice cream scoop can make this delicious experience even more divine. With sturdy construction, curved scoops, and even cushioned grips, several options will make your ice cream dreams come true. Our first choice is the Spring Chef ice cream scoop because it’s a combination of all three. This scooper has a curved square head made for easing through ice cream and wrapping it into yummy spheres. It’s finished with a comfortable handle featuring a cushioned grip to make each scoop comfortable. Do your worst when it comes to hard ice cream because this scoop is up to the task.

If you’re a more seasoned scooper and ice cream is a ritual, then investing in a quality scoop is a must. The Midnight Scoop stainless steel ice cream scoop is crafted from sleek machine-washable stainless steel, shaped in a hand and wrist-saving ergonomic design. This scoop begins with a pointed head, aimed at digging through ice cream with little effort, but where this scooper differs from the rest is its curved handle. The handle creates the proper leverage while keeping hands and wrists happy. This scoop will take your dessert experience to the next level.

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