House shoes or style, these are the best Crocs for women you can get

Crocs have made a comeback in popularity recently, so you may want to get the best option around. If you’re searching for a cute pair, you may be looking for a long time. We were able to round up the best options to pick up right now.

The go-to

Crocs Classic Clogs

Staff Pick

You can’t beat the classic croc, especially when it comes in so many different colors. These are unisex as well, so these are perfect for men and women alike. Crocs are incredibly lightweight and incredibly comfy, meaning you can wear them any time, any place.

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Summer comfort

Crocs Women’s Reviva Flip Flops

These flip flops are a perfect way to get that Crocs comfort while having a breathable shoe. These are made with all-day comfort in mind, and they’re just as lightweight as the classic Crocs. The grooves on the bottom give you a soft massage as you walk throughout the day.

From $9 at Amazon

Form fitting

Crocs Women’s Kadee Flats

If you want a flat that’s soft and comfortable, then the Kadee flats are for you. With the same classic material as your regular Crocs, these are lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear. Plus, these also have the massaging nubs on the inside bottom to give you a massage with each step.

From $15 at Amazon

Slide on slide off

Crocs Classic II Slides

The Classic II slides are an excellent choice for anyone who wants a slip-on shoe but may not like the Crocs look. These shoes are made from the standard Croc material, so they’re comfortable and lightweight. They’re also a quick slide-on shoe, so you can wear them to quickly run errands if you need to.

From $13 at Amazon

Cozy house shoes

ChayChaz Waterproof Slippers

ChayChax has made a Croc-like house shoe that is perfect for anyone who may be constantly cold. These slippers are lined with plush fleece to keep your feet comfortable and warm. You can also use them to tend your garden or go on a stroll since the lining is removable.

From $18 at Amazon

Another choice

Amoji Garden Clogs

If you want a shoe similar to Crocs without the name, then these Amoji clogs are a great choice. They have more holes for added airflow, and they come in several colors. These shoes are incredibly lightweight and mold to your foot for the perfect fit.

From $17 at Amazon

Comfy and cozy

Get the most comfortable shoes you can while they’re currently trendy. Crocs classic clogs are the best choice to go with, as they come in tons of colors to choose from. Add in the comfortable feel and lightweight of the material, and they are surely a steal.

Crocs women’s Kadee flats are a great option if you want something a bit more fitted to your foot. These are made with the same material as the regular crocs with a more fitted design. There are also massaging nubs on the inner bottom of the shoe, so each step is met with a soft massage.

These ChayChax waterproof slippers are an excellent choice for both a Croc and a house shoe. With the plush fleece lining, you’ll be able to keep your feet nice and warm all day wrong. Not to mention, you can remove the lining and have a nice waterproof shoe.

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