Make dinner a saucy affair with these gravy boats

Gravy is an integral part of many dinners. Once you’ve set the table, you’ll need to invest in a good gravy boat unless you want to pour this sauce out using a measuring cup. There are plenty of different options for excellent gravy boats out there, but these options are the best of the best.

Simple Porcelain

HIC Hotel Gravy Sauce Boat with Saucer Stand

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If you’re looking for the perfect piece to complement a classic table setting, porcelain is always a good call. It’s understated while giving your table a touch of class. The HIC Hotel Gravy Sauce Boat with Saucer Stand is made from white microwave-safe porcelain and looks terrific on every table without breaking the bank in the process. It’s got a 24-ounce capacity and comes with a saucer to help catch drips that could ruin your tablecloth. It’s also easy to clean and is safe for use in the oven, dishwasher, or freezer.

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Budget basics

Nucookery Large 14 Oz Gravy Boat With Ergonomic Handle

Setting the table can get expensive fast. You need plates, bowls, silverware, serving spoons, and if you’re serving up turkey or meatloaf, chances are you’ll need a gravy boat too. If you want a piece that looks expensive, but is not, the Nucookery Gravy Boat with Ergonomic Handle is a great choice. It’s got a lovely understated look that will fit in on any table, comes in a 14 or 17 oz size, and has a price that fits into even the tightest budget.

£8 at Amazon

Classic style

Mikasa Italian Countryside Gravy Boat With Stand

Stoneware is a common option when it comes to gravy boats for a good reason. It looks great on the table and is durable enough to hold hot or cold liquids on your tabletop. The Mikasa Italian Countryside Gravy Boat With Stand features sturdy construction with fluted bands that hearken back to traditional Italian architecture. It comes with a stand which helps to carry it when filled with hot gravy and is both dishwasher and microwave safe.

£51 at Amazon

Insulated options

BETTERLE Stainless Steel Double Insulated Gravy Jug

Have you ever finished cooking one part of your meal too fast, and it begins to get cold while the rest is still being finished? The BETTERLE Stainless Steel Double Insulated Gravy Jug ensures that even if you need to wait a while, your gravy won’t congeal or get cold. It features double insulation built to keep hot liquids hot or cold liquids cold and has a 450ml or 750ml capacity.

£20 at Amazon

High capacity

Kovot 24 Oz Gravy Boat

There are times when you have more people over for dinner than usual. In those cases, you’ll want a boat capable of carrying enough gravy for everyone at the table. The Kovot 24 Oz Gravy Boat gives you a larger capacity and adds a bit of flair to any meal. This white boat is embellished with words on the side: sauce written out in raised letters. It also comes with a tray to help you avoid any nasty drips onto your tablecloth.

£32 at Amazon

Keep it warm

Salton Gravy & Sauce Boat Warmer

When dinner takes a while, gravy can quickly begin to cool where it sits. The Salton Gravy & Sauce Boat Warmer delivers a lovely white gravy boat capable of holding 450ml of liquid. Once you’ve put it on the table, the warmer will ensure that the liquid never goes cold, so that no matter whether you’re on your first, second, or third plate of food the gravy will always be the perfect temperature.

£22 at Amazon

Pour it out

Whether you want to add gravy to your mashed potatoes or you’ve got some Au Jus for your sandwich, a gravy boat can be an excellent addition to any table. There are a massive variety of gravy boats out there, but if we could only recommend one, it would be the HIC Gravy Sauce Boat with Stand. It’s microwave safe, made from classic porcelain, and has a tremendous 24-ounce capacity.

If you need a larger option, then the Kovot 24 Oz Gravy Boat will ensure you have enough gravy for everyone at the table to make a proper plate. If you’re concerned about your sauce going cold at the table, then consider the BETTERLE Stainless Steel Double Insulated Gravy Jug which has a high capacity and will keep liquids warm while you and your friends eat.

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