Only a quality glove can extend the baseball catcher’s tenure

Pitchers throw the ball hard. That is why the catcher’s glove is different from the rest of the outfielders because they need that extra protection for the hand from repeated hard-thrown pitches. They have extra padding that funnels the ball to the center of the glove and protects the wrist from bending backward. So, if you’re a catcher, you want the best protection for the catching hand and the ease of digging the ball out with your other hand. We have looked at many catcher’s gloves and come up with our recommendations of the best brands available. Now you can play the game without the fear of getting hurt, on your catching hand at least.

A very popular choice by players

Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Series

Staff Pick

This is the most widely used glove and preferred by most league players. Wilson makes the A2000 in a variety of colors and sizes. The half-moon webbing and use of pro-stock leather make the A2000 easier to break-in that also lasts much longer than most of the other gloves. The thick, but flexible, padding easily absorbs the energy from the fast-paced ball without injuring the hand. A Dri-Lex wrist lining keeps the hand cool and dry throughout the inning, which makes the Wilson A2000 catcher’s glove our favorite selection.

$223 at Amazon

Premium category

All-Star – Pro Elite Leather Baseball Catcher’s Mitt

The All-Star Pro Elite is another glove that’s a very popular choice by professionals and amateurs alike. The Japanese tanned steer hide extends the life of the glove in addition to fast break-in. You are paying for the style as well as the function, and this glove delivers on both. The tan glove is built for right-handed throwers and comes with black leather lining for extra support. The best feature is when the leather pocket gives an extra pop sound on contact. Pitchers love to hear that.

$398 at Amazon

Best value for money

Rawlings Renegade Baseball/Softball Glove Series

The Rawlings Renegade glove comes already 80 percent broke-in from the manufacturer, so it’s easy to break-in fully. Available in black only, it comes for both right-handed and left-handed throwers. The quality is full value for the money as a pro mesh back design provides optimal balance, lightweight, and lasting durability.

$43 at Amazon

Catch up to the speed of the game

Louisville Slugger Pro Flare Catcher’s Mitt

Here is a professional grade and oil-infused leather glove that combines exceptional durability and quick break-in. The Louisville Slugger Pro Flare glove is designed with the speed of the game in mind, employing the iconic Flare design technology that gives a wider fielding surface than most other gloves. An extra-wide lacing improves the glove strength, and the open back 2-piece closed web gives it that conventional look.

$150 at Amazon

Extra index finger protection

Nokona Walnut Series Baseball Catcher’s Mitt

The Nokona Walnut Series glove is a closed web, Walnut Crunch steer hide leather glove that is ideal for adult and elite players. It comes with a conventional open back index finger pad for extra protection. This is a great catcher’s glove that is specially handcrafted for the serious player.

$300 at Amazon

Old style catcher’s glove

SHOELESS Joe Professional Series Baseball Catcher’s Mitts

Do you want the feel and style of glove used by the past masters? The Shoeless Joe Professional glove gives you all of it with this specially aged soft antique tobacco leather, open back and closed web style. These gloves are individually hand-cut and sewn and then hand-rubbed with old time ingredients to soften the leather. They are finally broken-in to give a worn look and feel. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions from interested onlookers.

$190 at Amazon

Best female catcher’s glove

EASTON GHOST Fastpitch Softball Glove Series

A supple leather lining adds extra comfort for this premium steer leather made glove. The Easton Ghost has smaller hand openings to give a tighter fit and control. This a catching glove made especially for females with fastpitch specific patterns for enhanced function. The extra strength rawhide laces reinforce the durability, which is why this is one of the best gloves available.

$130 at Amazon

Best for youth

Mizuno Prospect GXC105 Youth Catcher’s Mitt

The soft leather makes the Mizuno Prospect easy to break-in. A V Flex Notch makes it easier for the younger player to close around the ball, and a Parashock palm pad absorbs the shock of repeated use. This is a relatively cheap, but high quality, catching glove that the younger generation can use until they outgrow it.

$43 at Amazon

The right catching glove can make the world of difference

Catching in excess of 100 fast-paced pitches per game can be damaging on the catching hand if you don’t have that perfect glove. Choosing the right glove can be daunting with such a large variety, and we can help because after our research, we think the best choice would be the Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Series. These gloves are available in a wide range of sizes and colors and many web designs. The material is exceptionally durable, with dual-welting that leaves a long-lasting break-in with a strong pocket.

The Nokona Walnut Series Baseball Catcher’s Mitt would be another great choice due to the extra padding to protect the index finger. This glove is ideal for both the younger player and the adults. However, if you feel brave enough to stand out, then buy the classical SHOELESS Joe Professional Series Baseball Catcher’s Mitts.

Finally, choose the catching glove you feel are the most comfortable and enjoy the game for a long time.

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