Take your Television Viewing Experience to the Next Level.

We all want that sleek and flawless look of a mounted TV. First off, a wall mount serves as a haven for that flat-screen television you spent a good fortune on. Besides, they are an excellent substitute for additional furniture or TV stands that eat into your space. Wall mounts come in a range of standardized VESA mounting sizes and either hold a TV in a fixed position or allow a few angle adjustments. With all that in mind, here is a list of the best TV wall mounts available today.

Articulating Arm

VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount

Staff Pick

The VideoSecu wall mount supports any 27” to 55” TV not exceeding 88 pounds. It has a full range motion arm that extends out and retracts back in for versatile viewing angles. It comes with standard mounting tools.

$25 at Amazon

Great Value

Mounting Dream Tilt TV Wall Mount

This stand allows you to tilt your TV for a comfortable anti-glare view slightly. It is has a simple three-step installation process and a sturdy build with a 132-pound holding capacity for all 32 to 70-inch screens.

$28 at Amazon

Just Nail it

Echogear No Stud TV Wall Mount

When working with drywall, this is the best mount for any 32” to 77” flat screen. It comes with 32 nails for a firm hold. Since the mount has minimal tilt options, it comes with magnetic standoffs for a subtle lift.

$40 at Amazon

No Drills

Hangman S-2040A TV Mount

Hang your TV on a concrete, wooden or drywall wall. The mount comes with two aluminum brackets that interlock with superb strength, and do minimal damage to your wall. It is ideal for 26”-55” TVs.

$23 at Amazon


ECHOGEAR Fixed TV Wall Mount

This ultra-thin fixed wall bracket is compatible with most TV brands, and it has a wide range of VESA mounting patterns. The click-lock security feature confirms that your TV is well secured. It is ideal for 32-80” TVs.

$32 at Amazon

Premium Tilt

Sanus Advanced TV Wall Mount

Optimized for large 42 to 90” Tvs, this wall bracket extends from the wall for a maximum tilt. The mount allows side to side post-installation and height adjustments. You can mount it over electrical wall outlets.

$120 at Amazon

Absolute Bargain

AmazonBasics Articulating TV Wall Mount

This fully articulating wall mount is ideal for small 12-29” flat-screen TVs that weigh less than 40 pounds. The mount extends out, swivels, tilts, and retracts in for a comfortable TV view from anywhere in your room. It comes with a cable management feature.

$20 at Amazon

Full Motion

AmazonBasics TV Wall Mount

It is intended for TVs with a maximum VESA 400x400mm size. The arm extends, tilts, and collapses, making it the perfect corner bracket. It comes with the necessary installation hardware, and its weight limit is 80 pounds.

$31 at Amazon

Sturdy Hold

Everstone TV Wall Mount

For a firm hold you can trust, the bracket comes with six arms. It is engineered for concrete walls and wooden studs. The distance between the studs should be 8 to 16”. The bracket gives you room to adjust your TV after installation slightly.

$30 at Amazon

Best for Drywall

AmazonBasics No-Stud TV Wall Mount

You don’t need to locate wall studs to mount this bracket. It is built with interlocking metal bars for a sturdy hold. The bracket is low profile; It offers minimal adjustments, which in turn creates a flawless appearance against the wall.

$25 at Amazon

Quick Release

Mount-It! TV Wall Mount Bracket

The mount has a quick-release feature since its VESA plates are easy to remove. Along the arm, there are several cable clips for organized cable management. For added security, you can attach a padlock after installation.

$27 at Amazon

Mounting Dream

Dream Lockable RV TV Mount

It is the best pick for mounting RV TVs in trucks, marine boats, or motor vehicles. The mount is adjustable for better viewing angles. It has an advanced lock system that secures the arms and plates for bumpy rides.

$30 at Amazon

Our top picks

The maximum weight guides the selection of a wall TV mount it can support, the range of VESA mounting patterns, and the type of wall it is intended for. We recommend the VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount. Its arms extend out to 20” and collapse back to 1.9” from the wall. Besides, the decent degree of tilt, swivel, and rotation guarantees a comfortable and flexible view. The mount is built for 22” to 55” TVs; The most common TV size range.

The Hangman S-2040A TV Mount is the best pick for drywalls. The mount installation requires no drilling or scuffing your wall for studs. It holds any 26” to 55” TV, weighing less than 80 pounds. Hangman TV mount can also be used on concrete and wooden walls. Once you settle for a wall mount that checks the required boxes, the end product is a sleek view of your TV on the wall.

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