Your car will never smell stale with these Car Air Fresheners

Over time our cars pick up smells. The dog you bring everywhere, the hoodie you forgot in the back seat for six months, the Chinese food that you picked up across town. If you don’t want those odors to linger and settle in the fabric of your vehicle, then picking up an air freshener for your car is a good idea. These are our picks for car air fresheners sure to keep your car from smelling stale.

Classic Freshnesss

LITTLE TREES Car Air Freshener 12 Pack

Staff Pick

When it comes to air fresheners for cars, LITTLE TREES has been the go-to for decades. It’s with good reason, too, since these small hanging air fresheners carry considerable benefits by overpowering nasty odors in your vehicle with a variety of different scents. You can choose from lavender to leather, with 29 different options available to you. Now you can grab a 12 pack of your favorite perfume so that your car always smells nice and fresh!

$12 at Amazon

Your Favorite Candle Scent

Candleberry Candle Co. Scented Car Air Freshener

Candles carry a crazy amount of different scents depending on the brand. Now Candleberry Candle Co is delivering your favorite candle scents in a car air freshener, and what goes better with autumn than a Hot Maple Toddy? This air freshener smells just like the candle by the same name and is even shaped like a candle. Of course, if you don’t like the Hot Maple Toddy scent, you can also peruse other scents from Candleberry’s air freshener line, but they’re all different prices, and not all of them are eligible for Prime shipping.

$8 at Amazon

Budget Friendly

Car Cuties

If you want to keep your car smelling great, but you don’t have much money in your budget, then the Car Cuties might be the ticket. This three-pack of air fresheners is super affordable, and a portion of the funds raised from them goes to the Paws Shelter in Chicago. Each air freshener looks like a cat, and there are nine different options to choose from. If you decide you like all their scent options, you can even order the variety pack and get surprised by which air fresheners are delivered to you.

$6 at Amazon

Clip it and Forget it

Febreeze Car Vent Clips 5 Pack

If you don’t like things hanging from your rearview mirror, your options for air fresheners in your car are a bit more limited. Febreeze delivers another great option though with vent clips that attach to your car vents and work for months at a time. Once you clip them on, you can forget they’re even there, and even for smokers, these clips ought to last about three months at a go. We suggest the linen and sky scent, but if it’s not up your alley Febreeze does offer several other options you can choose from.

$12 at Amazon

Make a Statement

Tatuo Stainless Steel Car Essential Oil Diffuser

While you might want a car that smells great, you might not want to have an ugly air freshener dangling off your rearview mirror. The Tatuo Stainless Steel Car Essential Oil Diffuser lets you use your favorite scents to keep your car smelling great, and does it using a clip that doesn’t look like what most folks think of when they consider an air freshener. It comes in a variety of styles, so you can snag the one that works best for you. The big thing to remember is that you’ll need to supply your own essential oils!

$13 at Amazon

All Natural

MOSO NATURAL Air Purifying Bag

If you’re trying to cut down on your environmental impact, then you might be looking for a great all-natural air freshener for your car and one that won’t need to be replaced every few months. The MOSO NATURAL Air Purifying Bag is the perfect option. This bag is filled with natural bamboo charcoal, which pulls odors out of the air, and is suitable for up to 2 years. You’ll just need to make sure it sits out in the sun for an hour or two each month. Since the air freshener is in a bag, it’s also easy to move from vehicle to vehicle if you buy a new car!

$10 at Amazon

Eliminate Odors

Keeping your car smelling fresh doesn’t need to be a huge chore if you pick up the right air freshener. While every option we’ve suggested here today is fantastic, the LITTLE TREES Air Freshener 12-pack really can’t be beaten. You have over a dozen scents to choose from, get 12 fresheners for one great price, and you know that they’re going to work.

However, if you don’t want to cover up odors in your car with new scents, then you’ll probably want to check out the MOSO NATURAL Air Purifying Bag. This bag is filled with all-natural bamboo charcoal and pulls odors out of the air instead of covering them up. It also lasts the longest with a 2-year lifespan!

If you are already a big fan of essential oils, then checking out the Tatuo Stainless Steel Car Essential Oil Diffuser may be a good choice. It comes with two gorgeous clips, which includes felt interiors. All you need to do is drop a little oil onto the pad, snap it shut, and your car will smell like your favorite essential oil in no time flat!

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