Nintendo’s Miitomo trailer gets teens very, very wrong

The first thing I have to mention before I launch into my tirade is that I’m no teen expert. Sure, I recently rewatched season 1 of Gossip Girl, putting my mental age at 17. Yes, I’m a proud member of the #vox-teens (for 25 and under!!) Slack chatroom. I know full well that they’ll kick me out in two months, when I hit 26 and my bones disintegrate into Benefiber.

But even I know that this trailer for Nintendo’s new¬†Miitomo app is flat-out WRONG on some fronts re: teens. Watch the trailer above to see what I mean, then come back.

WOW. So much to analyze. Let’s go through the moments together.

This is a dad-joke disguised as a teen-joke. Any teen that makes a joke this bad would be mercilessly cyberbullied and…

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