Create gorgeous games without code with the Game Creators Collection App Game Kit Bundle, now 50% off


Everybody thinks they’ve got the idea for an amazing video game. Very few have the actual ability to translate that great idea into an actual game. You can change that with the Game Creator Collection App Game Kit Bundle, now 50% off the regular price.

Here are the contents of your kit bundle:

  • An App Game Kit, which includes a plug-and-play game development engine to power your creation almost anywhere you want your game to live across multiple platforms.
  • Two Giant Asset Packs, containing over 2,000 sprites and construction guides to help you assemble more than 5,000 characters, objects and other graphic elements to make your game come to life.
  • The Official AppGameKit Tutorial Guide, to help walk you through the set-up and translate your vision into a working professional-grade game.
  • GameGuru, another stripped-down, game creation environment that’ll have you building top-notch game experiences with little to no coding training.
  • Two more GameGuru Mega Packs, featuring more than 1,100 game-ready graphic elements, including 3D objects, castles, dungeons, caves and special effects.

Build like a veteran programmer with the Game Creators Collection App Game Kit Bundle for just $56.99, or 50% off the regular price, while this deal is available.

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