Crunch numbers like a pro with the Big Data & Analytics Master Toolkit


Big data is big business: somebody’s got to dive into sheer volume of numbers churned out by companies, and turn them into actionable insights. With the resources of the Big Data & Analytics Master Toolbox, you could become your company’s point person for digging into all that data.

In this bundle, you’ll work your way through four sections, each focused on a different analysis tool:

  • With SPSS training, you’ll examine IBM’s groundbreaking statistical analysis software for manipulating complex data sets.
  • Using Minitab, you’ll dig into methods of predictive modeling to determine where your business is headed before you actually get there.
  • A study of SAS (Statistical Analysis System) offers you a skillset with which to mine, retrieve, and manage business data.
  • R Studio is an open-source data analysis package that will equip you to handle essential data science and business analytics tasks.

Throughout over 200 hours of content, you’ll have all the tools needed to analyze your business’s performance, determine what’s working, and build and execute upon a business strategy that will have your boss or even investors taking notice.

Big data training often comes with a large price tag, but you can pay just $39 for this training, or over 90% off the retail price.

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