WhatsApp has an insane number of users


Nearly 1 in 7 people are using WhatsApp, the service announced on Monday, a milestone Mark Zuckerberg predicted following Facebook’s capture of the communication platform a little more than two years ago.

At the time, people questioned Zuckerberg’s decision to spend a reported $19 billion on the messaging service, but it doesn’t sound so odd now; in September of last year, WhatsApp revealed its service had crossed the 900 million mark.

Even more impressive is that WhatsApp is quickly catching up to Facebook, which recently announced it had also crossed the 1 billion mark. Two platforms under the guidance of one man has the attention of an unfathomable amount of people.

The funny thing is, I don’t know a single person, at least among my immediate circle of friends, who utilize the platform. Much of the platform’s growth has been overseas, but in truth it has become a worldwide phenomenon. For a rainy day I keep the app downloaded on my phone.

Where the platform goes next is unclear. WhatsApp recently dropped its $1-a-year fee to use the platform, which means it will need to find a way to produce revenue. According to recent reports, one way WhatsApp could do this is by allowing businesses to communicate with users directly through the service.

Source: WhatsApp

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